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Presentation of educational activities

Educational and exhibition complex (excursions)

The source of pride of the Center is its educational and exhibition complex – unique example of advertising the history and achievements of rocket-and-space industry of Ukraine.

Учебно-выставочный комплекс

Full-scale specimens of space vehicles, from the first ones to unique and multifunctional spacecrafts, meant for monitoring of Earth and solar investigations, are on display in its showrooms. The represented equipment was developed by the State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye Design Office” and produced by the State Production Association “Yuzny Machine-building Plant”.

Exhibits devoted to М.К. Yangel and А.М. Makarov held the prominent place in the museum.

On the open area of the exhibition complex there are real military and nonmilitary rocket vehicles, upper stages, and engines of rockets. As a museum of rocket-and-space equipment, the exhibition is visited by more 10 000 people every year.


Our achievement

Aerospace education is a systematic form of education and upbringing of children and young people in order to transfer to them knowledge about aviation and cosmonautics, training of specialists for the aerospace industry, informing the population about the results of space activities in Ukraine.

Aerospace Education


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